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Company Background

Gold Billion Pharma Sdn. Bhd. is located in one of the most prosperous areas in Southeast Asia known as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Launched over ten years ago, Gold Billion Pharma, an OEM company, focused on innovating and developing a variety of health products and supplements. The determination to supply high-quality OEM products and partner up with companies from all over the world has always been their primary forces. As a leading OEM manufacturer, it is imperative that Gold Billion Pharma’s products help customers create prominent and trusted superior brands.

The predominant focus in human nutrition research and application via concrete product support and R&D technology makes Gold Billion Pharma stand out phenomenally. Gold Billion Pharma has proudly gained numerous scientific research achievements in the field of healthcare in Malaysia.

This have also result in a great increment of trust by over 1,000 enterprises whom have since chose to cooperate with Gold Billion Pharma technically as well as putting in tireless efforts together into the development of human health. Currently, it is estimated that Gold Billion Pharma provides nutrient testing, production services and various technical support for nutrition, healthcare and beauty categories in more than 100 domestic and foreign enterprises each year. The company has established so well that it has gained great recognition internationally and have since maintained impressive cooperative business relationships with customers from Canada, Dubai, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and China. As the largest exporter of natural detoxification products among all other common product brands in Malaysia, there is no doubt that Gold Billion Pharma’s goal towards becoming the champ in the industry will soon come true.

“Let nothing turn into something and let originality turn into wealth” – Gold Billion Pharma

Company Philosophy

“There are endless business opportunities but people aren’t taking action” – Gold Billion Pharma

What we are?

Manufacturer is not the only way to define Gold Billion Pharma as they have a strong desire to achieve something big in the market with their partners. With over 20 years of magnificent experience in the market, Gold Billion Pharma has the ability to advise brand development and potentially lead customers from different background towards a brighter future.

“ We are more than willing to be your business incubator rather than an ordinary manufacturer.

We are willing to guide and provide a “head to toe” service: from product selection to brand packaging; from business strategy to market development; and even from team development to the overall business operation.”

By doing this, it will support Gold Billion Pharma’s greatest company philosophy in believing that the power to success is to share, shape, succeed and achieve wealth together.

“We strongly believe that the true success of Gold Billion Pharma is by helping business teams to grow.”









Production Site Strictly Checked

Gold Billion Pharma insist to build an almost perfect production site with upgraded facilities in order to guarantee customers with exquisite quality products. Besides having a complete production line, Gold Billion Pharma has obtained several important certificates in accordance to global standards and acceptance. These certificates include the quality management of controlling pharmaceutical production known as GMP and an effective control of food safety system named HACCP to avoid biological, chemical or physical food hazards. Gold Billion Pharma believe that only the most stringent requirements will create outstanding products.

Besides implementing a strict production system, Gold Billion Pharma has also gone through a thorough verification that earned them the IS09001:2000 quality control certification. A systematic managing method where progress, budget, materials, manpower, cost and capital are managed closely to reduce various types of production wear and tear coupled with transparency so that customers are able to withhold a more compatible production costs.

Management Dogmas

Top Notch Technology

Gold Billion Pharma’s advanced laboratories are equipped with all types of high-tech precision instruments. On top of that, the company’s top professional R&D team is cooperating with a number of globally renowned research institutions of technology and raw material. As the company focus on providing customers with exceptional products, it is vital that the acquisition of patented technology and various patented components be exemplary.

Perfect Quality

A strict quality management procedure is implemented throughout the whole process from operation, research, raw material management, production, quality assurance to warehouse facilities and logistic management. The mandatory certificates awarded to Gold Billion Pharma includes the quality management system ISO9001:2000, quality of pharmaceutical production GMP, food health and safety management system HACCP and quality environment management system 5S. This whole purpose of a series of stern systems, rules and regulations is to ensure our customers’ confidence to maintain or increase their production. Rest assured.

Integrity Management

The most fundamental reason for all the support and praise from Gold Billion Pharma’s extensive range of partners over the past decade lays upon the company’s strong principle in “Integrity Management”. It is important to gain customer’s trust by incorporating sincere business cooperation relationships, implement a transparent management and operation method.

Professional Service

Gold Billion Pharma offer the most high-end, comprehensive and sophisticated service in all aspects including OEM, ODM, logistics training support and health counselling support for all of our business partners. Gold Billion Pharma prioritise customers’ need and demand that making use of the utmost professional knowledge and attitude to meet and fulfill their expectations.

Product Development Distinctive Market

Since basic nutritions and health functions are taken seriously, Gold Billion Pharma knew that it was a must to employ an internationally renowned research team to research and develop a magnificent product. The top notch technology used by the team was able to combine traditional Chinese medicine recuperation and advanced Western nutrition in which both blends in well to result in a scientifically balanced health and wellbeing supplement.

Gold Billion Pharma, a leading health product manufacturer would not have made it this far without an extensive dominance in the market. A strong R&D department have always been seen as one of the most important aspect behind the success of the variety of health products produced by Gold Billion Pharma. Besides that, a diverse team of nutrition experts and professors, in-service medical pHDs, postgraduates and beauty professions not only consist of a high degree of professional health knowledge, they are also capable of analysing a keen market and sales estimations so that customers know how to sell their product based on these informations.

Our product R&D centre consist of a central laboratory, precision instrument measuring room, biochemical room, high temperature sterilisation room and other professional and technical laboratories. The main laboratory itself holds more than 60 types and 150 sets of reliable equipments including high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, infrared spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, high and sharp precision instruments as well as hardware equipments. All these testing equipments satisfy the cosmetic and pharmaceutical standards of professionalism, automation and intelligence development.


Various Products Production at Your Will

Having over 10 years of experience in health, food and safety research, development and production, Gold Billion Pharma has since been able to apply an integrated system of over 200 kinds of mature formula. These almost perfect formulas consist of content configuration, trace element deployment, colour adjustments, dosage form and taste selection. Coupled with an extensive experience in product stability, packaging design and usage underpinning the system, professionalism and design sense, a tailor made product and packaging can be done according to customer’s requirements and preferences.

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