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Branding Plan

Through market research, integrated analysis, brand naming, LOGO design, shaping the brand culture, define brand positioning, channel positioning, and price positioning.

Professional® Trademark Registration

Corporate Personnel will contact the Trademark Registration Authority to register the legal trademarks in no time.

Packaging Design

According to brand positioning, product formula positioning, design packaging style, packaging material and packaging process.

Packaging And Material Purchasing

According to the product packaging design, assist in packaging sample selection, sample confirmation, sample creation, and material purchase.

Visual Identity Design

Design brand VI (Visual Identity System), that including the basic part and the application part.

Product Planning

positioning of product, blueprint planning of products, architecture of product appearance, design of product series

Formulated R&D

Designing, formulating, debugging, designing products according to customer’s requirements and expectations.

Product Production

R&D formula, after the process is determined, the product production has to undergo simulation test, pilot test, inspection and correct production filling process.

Document provided

provide trial standards, production licences, health permits, commodity barcodes, certificates declarations, product inspections, process reports, regulatory consultations, trial production records, online quality control, sample retention inspection, production batch records.

ODM Business Process

Name Design  Product Design  Package Design  Copywriting Design Contract Consociation  
Brand Concept Design  Contract Signing  Sign Proccessing Contract  Raw Materials Purchasing 
Product Production ⇢ Sterillization  Storage  Shipping  Quality Inspection